Leather Bags Handmade In Texas


How many cheap, flimsy, mass-produced bags do we need? In the winter of 2010, I decided that I wanted to make better leather handbags. I wanted to design an everything bag. Something that said different things to different women. It had to be, first and foremost, well-constructed and made with exceptional materials. Then it had to be beautiful and multi-textured. I started with thick piled fabrics, then I added luxurious leather and topped them off with hand-carved, solid oak handles. Next was functionality. I inserted a wood bottom…no more folding up…no smashed fruit and veggies…no broken eggs…no purse items lost in a dark abyss. I designed a bag that could carry anything! A computer, lunch, a change of shoes, diapers or groceries. One size small enough for an evening out, all the way up to a bag large enough to pack for a weekend getaway.

At the end of the day, I wanted to remind people of a time when products were made with pride…made to last. Today, each bag I construct makes me smile. They are ever-changing…just the way I like it.

Treat yourself to something special…something wonderfully unique, a leather bag handmade in Texas!

Texas Carpet Baggers…I kept saying it to myself, over and over. I tried to find other names for my company, but I couldn’t get it out of my head. It made sense to me. Texas was the place I was born and raised. It will forever be in my heart and I wanted for it to be represented in my company. Carpet, spoke to the textile nature of the bags and Baggers simply meant, people who make bags.

Texas… it’s where I learned to be strong…a no B.S. kinda person. It’s a place that, in my memories, was always friendly…welcoming. It’s where I became a nurse, along with 4 sisters and 2 Aunts…all graduates of Northwest Texas Hospital School of Nursing. Three of my sisters still live there along with my momma. It’s also where I met and fell in love with David. It took hurricane Katrina to bring us together and it’s been one incredible ride ever since.

When I first discussed my idea for this company with David, he had the very same vision for the final product, and has been at my side every step of the way. He personally makes the solid oak handles and cuts out the wood bottoms. He has been my business partner and fashion consultant, as well as my cheerleader, when I wanted to give up.

Our bags are a source of pride and represent a commitment to quality…something we take extremely seriously. My long term goal is to become a brand that people turn to when they want something unique, strong, and beautiful. If at all possible, I will keep production here in the US and do what I can to purchase materials here as well.

If after reading this, you would like more information about me or our company, I can be reached at 1-830-714-9201 or shoot me an e-mail at becky@texascarpetbaggers.com.